Holistic Center for Health Treatments at the
Dan Caesarea Hotel
for 25 years

We invite you, body and soul alike, to leave the race behind, take a moment to rest and give yourself an experience of health, pampering, renewal and balance

:At WhiSpa we have

A varied menu of health treatments

An experienced team of professional, qualified therapists who specialization in various treatment techniques.

Personal attention, courteous attentive service for each and everyone

Pampering spa packages

Selection of treatments

Duration of massage: 30/45/60/75/90 minutes

:Our Signature Treatments

Swedish - Classic European massage uses soothing strokes, rubbing, kneading and tapping and is designed to relieve tension and stimulate circulation.

Holistic - An integrated massage that focuses on the personal need for perfect relaxation and allows you to develop an empowered relationship with your body though inner listening

Reflexology - A massage of specific pressure zones on the feet and hands. Stimulates the whole body system, calms, balances and rejuvenates.

Deep tissue / sport – Firm pressure and slow stroke massage techniques to penetrate the deep tissue of the muscle and fascia. Relieves chronic aches and pains, cramps and built up tension in the body.

:Special treatments

Duration of each massage: 60 minutes or more
Hot stones – A warm flowing massage that combines hand contact strokes and hot stone movements. Heats and relaxes the body, reconciling the soul and dissolving tensions.
Aromatherapy - A gentle, pampering massage with aromatic essential oils to soothe the body and soul.

Shiatsu - Japanese technique massage that relieves tension and balances energy meridians and is based on Chinese medicine philosophy. Come lightly dressed and performed without oil.

Lymphatic - drainage and increased flow via gentle stimulating movements of the lymphatic centers in the body. Reduces fluid retention in heavy limbs

GyroKintics - a unique treatment combining passive motion, gentle massage and attentive rhythm. Balances the muscles and stimulates the mind and the senses to affect perfect fusion of mind, body and soul. Come lightly dressed and performed without oil.

Pampering treatments - 90 minutes

Back to the Earth - A grounding, pampering, relaxing, thoughtful massage that reconnects us to the joy and beauty of the world around us. Slows you down long enough to hear your inner peace.
Renewal – An invigorating, energizing massage to vitalize body and spirit. Rekindles zest for life.

Tandem – Four handed massage is great to escape the relentless thinking of a controlling mind and to feel supported by your senses.

Extras - 15 minutes

Calming: Relaxing massage - head, scalp, neck and shoulders. Perfect when you want to” let go” and empower your sense of You.

Body Peeling: Renews skin cells by removing old dead skin layers. Rubbing the body with a natural, sugar scrub leaves you looking and feeling younger.

Natural hair mask: Massage of the scalp with an olive oil hair mask, to rejuvenate tired hair follicles, add moisture and shine to your hair and for comforting relaxation.

Facial massage - A pleasant, soothing face massage and gentle facial cleanser, followed by a nourishing face finish, stimulates blood circulation, renews the skin cells to generate a healthy glowing complexion.

price list:

30minutes - 195 NIS
minutes - 270 NIS
60minutes - 360 NIS
75minutes - 450 NIS
90minutes - 490 NIS

Additions 15 minutes - 90 NIS

:Spa Days for individuals or groups

.Includes a combination of spa massage treatments, use of Dan Hotel facilities and meals.

To coordinate treatments call:
WhiSpa 054-447-53-77